SLTI develops language proficiency tests used by governments, ranging from certification of linguists to credentialing of courtroom and medical interpreters.

Government Agencies

SLTI is involved in projects for state education agencies to transadapt standardized tests into foreign languages and to develop English and foreign language proficiency tests.


SLTI works with corporations to develop or adapt language tests specific to their needs for any context or domain.


About SLTI

Second Language Testing, Inc. (SLTI), specializes in the development of language proficiency tests, test translation, and test adaptation. Located in Rockville, Maryland, SLTI's team includes test development and translation specialists. We also maintain a worldwide network of consultants, as well as translators and language specialists for over 50 languages. SLTI is the first company of its kind—focusing primarily on test translation and language testing. We also perform assessment research.Read more…