Proficiency Testing for Ottawa Hospitals

In August 2012, SLTI was awarded a contract to develop and administer a four-skills, computer-based assessment for the Ottawa Hospitals. As part of this contract, SLTI will develop the test specifications, conduct standard setting studies, and perform psychometric analyses to validate test scores. The Berlitz Language Centre in Ottawa will deliver face-to-face individual and group lessons, and Telelangue will provide CyberTeachers and CyberTeachers Plus, online platforms for language learning. In addition, any Berlitz North America Learning Center will be able to administer the test upon request by the Ottawa Hospitals.

Choctaw Language Assessment Project

During the Fall of 2012, Second Language Testing and Measured Progress collaborated on a contract with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians to revise the Pre-K to Grade 3 Choctaw Language Learning Standards (CLLS).  The CLLS are based on the Oklahoma Choctaw standards which are based on the OK World Language Standards, which are based on the ACTFL standards for learning world languages.  During September 2012, SLTI worked on a revision of the CLLS, which was reviewed during a two-day meeting with teachers in the MS Choctaw language revitalization program workshop to create a final version of the CLLS.  This contract follows up on a previous contract in which SLTI and Measured Progress provided training to the tribe which resulted in the development of the CLLS.

In January 2013, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians contracted SLTI to facilitate the development of a model assessment of Choctaw language for Grade 3 of their K-3 program.  SLTI staff  made several trips to Choctaw MS to work with teachers in developing the model assessment. The Choctaw graphic arts department assisted in the development of graphic images for the test.  This project is also funded under a 6111 grant to the tribe from the Bureau of Indian Education. The assessments were completed in August 2013. A report on the project was given as a poster presentation at the annual conference of the East Coast Organization of Language Testers on October 25, 2013, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.