How We Work

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Project Architecture

For all of our projects, we follow a proven architecture from project inception to project conclusion. Specific information about types of projects can be found on our pages for Test Development, Test Translation and Adaptation, and Language Testing Analysis and Research.

Needs Analysis and/or Proposal Development

If a client approaches us with a project, we generally begin by conducting a thorough needs analysis to determine the exact requirements of the client. Alternately, a client can release a Solicitation that contains a statement of work. In either case, we prepare a proposal, including cost figures, taking into account all components of the client’s needs.

Project Planning

Upon project award, relevant members of SLTI’s management team convene to plan the project arc from beginning to end. This includes putting together the project team; determining what new staff or consultants, if any, are needed; developing project timelines, milestones, deliverable lists, methodologies, Quality Assurance/Quality Control plans, and workflows; and performing any other preliminary planning tasks.

Project Implementation

Once the project plan is in place, actual work on the project begins. The particulars of the work vary depending on the project type, but descriptions of projects can be found on our pages for Test Development, Test Translation and Adaptation, and Language Testing Analysis and Research.

Project Wrap-Up

At the end of each project, SLTI works with the client to ensure that all requirements have been met. This often involves a written technical report as a formal deliverable. We also conduct formal debriefing sessions with clients and contractors, and use this information a systematic analysis of project activity so we can understand what we did well and what areas require improvement when we receive a similar project in the future.

Project Costing & Project Timeline

One of the most common questions we get from prospective clients is: "How much will my project cost?"

Another common question is: "How long will the project take?"

Without more information, the best answer to each question is: "It depends."

The cost and timeline of any test development or test translation project is dependent upon a number of factors, but the biggest factor is the scope of the project. Do you just need us to write some items for a test that already exists? Or do you need us to develop an entire testing system for you? The greater the complexity of a project, the more it will cost, and the longer it will take. The figure below provides a general idea of the relationship between complexity, cost, and time for any test development project that SLTI takes on. Test translation projects are similarly constrained by the scope of work.

How We Work