Item Writer

Item Writers and Reviewers (English)

Summary of Position

Second Language Testing, Inc., is looking for test item writers and reviewers for part-time, short-term assignments. Successful candidates will write and/or review language test items in English. Mandatory paid training will be provided. All work can be done from home with a computer and an internet connection.

The size of the assignments is flexible and will vary depending on your availability.



    -Must possess native or near-native fluency in American English
    -Must have excellent writing skills and attention to detail
    -Must be computer-literate and willing to learn new applications
    -Experience writing test items at the pre-academic or professional level is preferred
    -Recent  foreign language teaching experience preferred 
    -Experience with or knowledge of the CEFR or other language proficiency scales is preferred

    Please indicate your interest and give a summary of your qualifications, with particular emphasis on any previous language test item reviewing or writing experience, using the form below.

    If there is a fit between your experience and skills and our project requirements, we will contact you to schedule an interview.