Test Delivery and Administration

With SLTI’s acquisition by Berlitz, we are better able to provide test delivery and administration options for our clients.  


Test Delivery

There are a number of different platforms for delivering language tests. Traditionally, tests were delivered via the standard paper-and-pencil (P&P) format. However, with language tests, the P&P format is increasingly restrictive. It is easy to test reading and writing skills using the P&P format, but listening tests require (at least) the use of audio stimuli, generally presented via audio recording. And in the past, speaking tests have required a face-to-face or telephone-based, real-time interlocutor/tester.

Web-Based Testing

Web-based language testing can be an efficient means to deliver language tests for any domain, (reading, writing, listening, speaking) as well as for tests of translation and interpretation. Higher bandwidth allows for streaming audio to be used for listening tests. And with streaming audio, video-conferencing, and voice capture technologies, speaking tests can be designed in a number of formats, including using a live tester, or simulating an oral interview by using pre-recorded audio stimuli and recording the examinee’s responses and transmitting them to a database for scoring later. (This is called a Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview, or SOPI.) SLTI also works with psychometricians to develop algorithms needed for computer adaptive testing.

Through a needs analysis, SLTI works with its clients to understand the test objectives, as well as practical considerations related to the test environment including bandwidth issues, the number of computers available, test security, and the budget that clients have for testing. Upon consultation with IT professionals, SLTI works with our clients to select the most appropriate delivery engine. SLTI is not limited to a particular test delivery engine; rather, we work with a number of systems, some proprietary and some provided by clients and vendors in order to deliver the solution best suited to the test objectives, test environment, and budget of the client.

SLTI has the ability to facilitate test administration at 550 locations in over 70 countries. These conveniently located facilities provide appropriate and secure proctoring for your high stakes testing needs.

Paper and Pencil

There are times when a test should be administered concurrently to a large number of examinees such that it is impractical or too expensive to deliver a test over the Internet. In these cases, SLTI can develop paper-and-pencil (P&P) tests. SLTI will format and print the test booklets, provide answer sheets as well as the CDs with the needed audio prompts.

Over the Phone

Tests delivered over the phone are typical for Oral Proficiency Interviews, tests of interpretation, or tests of transcription. Telephone tests are recorded for double rating and for the facilitation of any appeals process. With the advent of voice over internet protocol, (VOIP), delivering tests over the phone can be a cost-effective method for the delivery of language tests globally.

Test Administration Options

SLTI is now able to administer tests in a wide variety of formats. We can develop paper-and-pencil tests that can be administered by the client, or can be administered at any of Berlitz’s 550 language centers worldwide. We can also administer listening and speaking tests over the phone. Finally, we can administer any kind of language test via internet-based testing.