Past Clients


National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

Since fall 2006, SLTI has provided translation services for NAEP assessments. SLTI conducts translation verification studies for the NAEP assessments that are translated into Spanish and has translated numerous NAEP documents, including three reports on the performance of students on the NAEP mathematics assessments in Puerto Rico. From 2006 – 2009, SLTI performed NAEP work under contract to NAEP Education Statistics Service Institute (NAEP ESSI). From 2009 through the present, SLTI has been under contract to Educational Testing Service (ETS) to perform item review and translation services for NAEP.

Reports translated into Spanish and typeset by SLTI for NAEP can be found below.


Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System

From 1997 to 2004, SLTI worked with Measured Progress in translating the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests into Spanish. This included the subject areas of Math, Science, and Social Studies at grade levels 4, 8, and 10, and all ancillary documents. SLTI also translated the score report, score interpretive information and the Parent Guide into ten languages: Arabic, Cape Verdean Creole, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Khmer, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. SLTI also handled the layout and production of the Parent Guides, including the delivery in electronic formats suitable for placing the document on the web. Since 2004, SLTI has continued to translate the Parent Guide to the MCAS for Measured Progress, and has also worked on the Spanish version of the state’s high school graduation exam.

Parent Guides translated and typeset by SLTI for MCAS can be found below.

New Jersey Assessments of Skills and Knowledge: Measurement Inc. (2008-Present)

Since 2008, SLTI has worked with Measurement Inc. to translate and compose Spanish versions of the NJ Assessments and Skills and Knowledge (NJASK) for grades 5-8 in mathematics, science, and language arts. For the language arts section of the assessments, SLTI was asked to translate all content including literary passages, and to participate in the standards setting process for the content in these sections. Furthermore, SLTI translation managers met with NJ bilingual educators to carry out a thorough review of the translated forms. After this positive experience, SLTI was commended for its high quality translations and our staff’s understanding of test translation issues. For the 2009 and subsequent administrations, SLTI also translated tests and test materials for grades 3 and 4 in addition to grades 5-8. In addition to test booklets, SLTI has translated all ancillary materials, including parent, teacher, and student guides, examiner manuals, math manipulatives and reference sheets, etc.

New Mexico Standards Based Assessments

Since 2009, SLTI has translated the New Mexico Standards Based Assessments for math, science, and social studies into Spanish for grades 3 through 8 and 11. In addition, SLTI has conducted several translation verification studies of the New Mexico state assessments in mathematics and science. These studies require SLTI translators and bilingual content specialists to verify the accuracy of the translation of each item in terms of content and linguistic difficulty. These evaluations, which are done after the translation is finalized, permit one to judge the quality of the translation of each item and the comparability of the presentation of the two versions (Spanish and English) of the assessments. In addition to test booklets, SLTI translates all ancillary materials, including parent, teacher, and student guides, examiner manuals, math manipulatives and reference sheets, etc.

New York Regents Examinations: New York State Education Department (2000-2008)

Under contract to the New York State Education Department, SLTI has translated numerous standardized assessments. SLTI translated the New York Regents examinations into Korean, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Haitian Creole, two to three times per year, in mathematics, science, and social studies between 2000 and 2005. From 2005 to 2008, SLTI translated the New York Regents mathematics examinations into Russian. SLTI has also translated several NY state assessments for grades 4, 5, and 8 in different content areas.

Pennsylvania System of School Assessment: Data Recognition Corporation (2004-Present)

Since 2004, under contract to Data Recognition Corporation, SLTI has translated the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) mathematics tests at grades 3-8 and 11 into Spanish. In addition to performing the translations of the assessments, SLTI has also translated the directions for administration. Beginning in 2008, SLTI has translated the PSSA science tests at grades 4, 8, and 11 as well.

Utah Basic Skills Assessments

SLTI was contracted by Measured Progress to perform Spanish translations of the Utah Math and Science Basic Skills Assessments. SLTI produced the first translated versions of the Utah Basic Skills Math assessments (at grade 10) beginning in the spring of 2001. Subsequently, we produced the first translated versions of the criterion-referenced Utah Math and Science Elementary and Secondary tests in the spring of 2003.


GED Testing Service

From 1996 to 2005, SLTI was responsible for translating and adapting General Educational Development tests. In all, SLTI translated 7 operational batteries, three forms of the practice test, test administration manuals, information for examinees, and other ancillary test documents into Spanish. In 2002, SLTI began translating or adapting the GED battery into French for use in francophone Canada. This involved meetings in Montreal and extensive use of French Canadian translators and educators. It also required the creation of audio taped and large print versions as well as the test administration manual, the production of a test specifications document, and other ancillary materials.

Network Omni

Under contract to Network Omni, SLTI translated or adapted a battery of language proficiency screening measures and telephone interpreting tests into a number of different languages, including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tagalog, Haitian Creole, and Polish. Network Omni is a major US provider of telephone interpreting services.


Under contract to CTB/McGraw-Hill, SLTI adapted the English versions of the LAS-Links to Spanish (subsequently named the LAS-Links: Español) in 2005. LAS-Links is the revised version of the Language Assessment Scales, a major English language proficiency test that has been used in schools since 1975. SLTI piloted the test with different groups and drafted the test administration and technical manuals. SLTI also assisted CTB in their successful application to the Texas Education Agency for approval for the use of the LAS-Links: Español in Texas. In 2010-2011, SLTI was contracted to transadapt additional items for the LAS-Links: Español, as well as to perform expert review of items for both the LAS-Links and the LAS-Links: Español.

Worldwide Interactive Network

Between 2010 and 2011, SLTI translated several employment readiness tests into Spanish for the Worldwide Interactive Network. These tests included items in mathematics, reading comprehension, and information processing.